Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots of useful feedback from "Rate this page"

Giving more prominence to the "Rate this page" function on was one of the changes in the new design we introduced in February. Previously this function was "hidden" close to the page footer, now it is conspicuously displayed in the search box on every page. As a result the number of feedbacks has increased from 5 per day to 30-50. Many users see this as an opportunity to let off some steam if they cannot find what they are looking for and more than half add additional comments explaining their frustration. But some just want to share that we have made their day by serving them exactly what they were looking for.

What happens to this feedback? The form is automatically passed on to the person last editing the page who can then decide if and how the issue can be solved. We get feedback in all 25 languages represented on our sites (and possibly some more) but as the feedback goes to the person last updating the language version, this usually takes care of that.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased with this function and have noticed an increase. And while the feedback is not always helpful, it has been very constructive at times.

Anonymous said...

i like the website alot. its one of the best sites frequently updated and a one stop place to find informaton. the best is peoplr search integrated with LN