Sunday, April 22, 2007

The FT Bowen Craggs Index and ABB

Some of you will already be familiar with the FT Bowen Craggs Index, published for the first time in Financial Times at the beginning of April this year. The Index covers 60 of the world’s largest companies by region – there are 20 each from Europe, the US and Rest of the world. Their report can be found at

ABB is not included as we are not (yet?) among the 20 largest companies in Europe measured by market value, but we have received a separate Bowen Craggs report about our web sites, using the same methodology. If we had been included the report shows we would have ranked as number 22 out of the 60. In other words a good reason to be proud, but no reason to be satisfied...

The 22 page report on ABB'S web sites is full of useful advice on how to improve, and I hope to come back to many of the recommendations in this blog. ABB employees interested in receiving the full report about ABB can request a copy by sending me an e-mail at my Notes address Stein-Ivar Aarsaether/ABBZH/ABB.

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