Thursday, April 26, 2007

Waiting for your page to refresh?

You have updated your home page with time critical information like the quarterly results but nothing seems to happen on the site for ages? Or perhaps; Your colleague can see the updated page but you can't?

The reason is caching; Pages on the server are updated only every half hour to make it possible for the servers to handle the huge traffic we have on the site. As we have three so-called front-end servers, each of them refreshes it's cache individually so results may differ depending on which server you are connected to. Refreshing the page will not take you to a different server, you need to close your browser and restart Internet Explorer to have a chance of hitting another server.

We could theoretically empty the cache manually when important news is posted but currently that means removing the whole site from the cache which would cause a severe strain on the servers once they is restarted and need to rebuild all pages; This could make the whole site go down. We're looking at whether it will be possible to empty the cache of individual pages and hope to have a solution included in our May release.

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