Thursday, September 6, 2007

US intelligence community starts social networking

In December, the U.S. intelligence community is launching a social-networking site just for spooks.

The classified "A-Space" ultimately will grow to include blogs, searchable databases, libraries of reports, collaborative word processing and other tools to help analysts quickly trade, update and edit information, Associated Press reports on Yahoo News.

The social networking site comes on the heels of the year-old Intellipedia, a Web site modeled after the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia. Intellipedia already has nearly 30,000 posted articles and 4,800 edits added every workday.

"Organizers acknowledge it may be difficult to erase generations of territorial tendencies and prevent spats among the country's 16 intelligence agencies, which often want credit for their own discoveries", the articles states. Something like that would never be a problem in ABB, would it?

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Kurt Thoroe said...

This is first time I "real" write back on a weblog.

Can we in ABB use Web2.0 like wiki's? and will we use it?
I am sure a number of my engineering collegues will use it in the beginning and they might continue if they see that there own managers are using the tools as well. ABB is an open company and I am sure people will share there knowledge, when they see that others are using it.
But we have get the tools out to project and engineering people, and not just have the tools in the more "administrative" areas.

Look forward to discuss and hear more on 16. oct. 2007 in Zurich.