Monday, June 18, 2007

Netvibes - creating order out of chaos

The Netvibes logo"Wow" was the most frequent comment from my colleagues in Corporate Communications when we had a hands-on training session in using Netvibes during our staff meeting last week. The site is a so-called web aggregator, bringing together web feeds from all the sites you're interested in and presenting them in one easy-to-use page - your own personal web portal.

An easy start and a very intuitive user interface makes it possible also for less web-enabled users to tailor the site to their own needs. In addition to picking and choosing between the pre-configured web feeds, it's also easy to include your own feeds from sites you come across. In addition you can easily decide how each feed is displayed; Number of items, with or without further details and whether a click on the link should show you a summary or go directly to the article referenced. You can easily move items around the page by clicking and dragging.

Using Netvibes - which I understand is a French invention - you can easily collect all the web feeds you are interested in, into one easy-to-access page. Anyone following a topic - like I'm following web issues - can over time build up a library of useful web feeds, that in one quick glance can give you an overview of every important news item or comment available on the web. Take a look - I am sure you too will say "wow"!

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