Thursday, June 7, 2007

Create your own search engine:
Google custom search launched

Google has launched "Custom search", giving you the possibility to create your "own" search engine, by tweaking the ordinary results form Google. You have two options, either create a list of domains and URLs to be searched and exclude all others, or you can link URLs you want to promote in the search ranking while still including all ordinary Google results in your search.

As you would expect, the tool is extremely easy to use, and once you have supplied your list of sites, the resulting code is delivered within seconds, ready to be used on your Google homepage or pasted into a web page or a blog, as I have done in the left hand menu here.

Your list of URLs can changed at any time, and you can also invite "collaborators" that have access to add further URLs to your list.

Give it a try, all you need is a Googlemail account to get started. If you don't have one already you can sign up here.

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Anonymous said...

well, Stein-Ivar, this is a good idea. So we will be able to give google detailed informations about what we search for. This in combination with a google account - a fine way to create personal user profiles.
What do you think - if we do this inside the protected abb network - i am sure - google won't get any information about internal abb isues, won't it?