Friday, May 4, 2007

New release deployed today - no disturbances

Today we deployed a new release (1ABB2.1b) with some minor but urgent updates to The most important is the ability for logged-in users to access restricted documents from ABB Library. We also fixed some of the most visible bugs; Images on additional pages are no longer displayed twice in the same page and the problem were the body text was displayed in the margin of some additional pages is solved. The problem with Library links in the Service Guide is also fixed.

The best news is that the deployment was done without causing any significant disturbances to users. This has been a recurring problem with earlier deployments, so let's hope we avoid seeing them again - ever! We're planning another minor release next week hoping to significantly reduce the load on the database servers that has caused us so much headache since we launched version 2.0 in February this year.

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