Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ABB China most viewed homepage in April

The web statistics for April were available yesterday, and for the first time in history, ABB China had the most visited country homepage in ABB with 69'000 page views, beating Germany's 65'000 and Sweden's 59'000. The Group homepage had 406'000 page views.

Easter holidays in Europe obviously made the task easier, but it is still an important milestone as traffic from China keeps growing. Many product groups now have more traffic to their Chinese and Spanish pages than to traditional ABB languages like German, Swedish and Finnish.

I spent a few days in Hong Kong last month, participating in Microsoft's Global Summit. Some of China's most prominent web entrepreneurs also took part and their message was that China is an advanced broadband market where users have high expectations when browsing the web. But the average English language skill are still at a level where Chinese translations is a prerequisite to reach the local market. I believe some of our businesses still have not woken up to this fact.

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