Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Weblogs are 10 years this week and I have a new look!

The word "weblog" celebrates the 10th anniversary of it being coined on 17 December 1997, according to BBC's web site.

The word was created by Jorn Barger to describe what he was doing with his pioneering Robot Wisdom web page. The word was an abbreviation for the "logging" of interesting "web" sites that he featured on his regularly updated journal. The abbreviation "blog" was only invented a couple of years later, and has come to signify raving 'n ranting in many users' mind. But I aim to stay (mainly) with Barger's concept...

Those of you who click through to my blog itself will notice it has now cast aside the standard blogspot template and aquired an ABB look in line with our other web sites.

Comments are welcome, and if you are planning an ABB blog get in touch with me to use the same template.

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