Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Webatabb blocked by China's "great firewall"

We have received reports that this blog is now unavailable in China, due to the "great firewall", aimed at protecting Chinese users against the evils of the Internet. We find the reports credible.

Financial Times' Tech blog reported the same some time ago, and asked if it was possibly something they had said. It turned out the answer was no; All blogs on the major blog hosting domains are routinely and indiscriminately blocked, which is probably the reason why this blog is blocked as well.

So it's nothing personal, and we do not expect visits anytime soon from the "Beijing Internet police" who, according to Yahoo Tech news, will start appearing every 30 minutes on some major Chinese web sites as of this Saturday.

"It is our duty to wipe out information that does public harm and disrupts social order," the Beijing's public security bureau's deputy chief of Internet surveillance, Zhao Hongzhi, is quoted as saying to China daily.

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