Thursday, May 24, 2007

Single Sign On for moving forward

Vikke KandellToday I am using this blog for the first time and hope that my boss will not delete this posting immediately tomorrow morning...

Anyway, I use the opportunity to tell that we in Group IS got things a step forward today with One ABB on the Web Phase 2; a colleague of mine, Anatoliy presented the external identity management concept to the IS management committee. Today external customers have different user names and passwords for each ABB application, coordinated handling of external users is a necessity to connect all of ABB's global applications to and move towards SSO (Single Sign On). The management committee approved the project and we passed Gate 0. Now the next step is to collect key stakeholders from global applications into the Steering Committee and Reference Team, and then move forward.

So what does this mean?

If things go according to plan, we will have a key enabler for Phase 2 in place this autumn and first applications integrated into One ABB on the Web. As some of you already know, we already have some pilots up and running; Partner Portal and Robotics Remote Service Center. These pilots will be followed by eHR late June.

Once we get into production mode, we will integrate ABB Library and SolutionsBank in the SSO solution and start an extensive testing process with Business OnLine. I hope that we will be able to continue with cBOL and SoftwareFactory, and maybe with Premium Services?

Thanks to Anatoliy, Vidar and others who have put lot of effort into this!


Johanna Tidström said...

Hello Vikke. Nice to see a blog. I got informed about it through the communications newsletter. I'm very happy to see we are testing out this now, as I have been longing for it for a long time... (I'll eMail Stein-Ivar seperately too).

Johanna Tidström said...

This blog's comments is shown in Swedish for me - is that due to my personal computer settings? Does this mean that each user gets it in his/her own language? Neat, if that is the case.

Stein-Ivar said...

Thank you, Johanna, it's nice that you like the blog. This tool - Google's blogspot - will provide some information in your preferred language, based on your rowser preferences. In you case they probably list Swedish as your priority no 1, in which case some of the information will be displayed in Swedish.